Vietnam gcse history coursework question 2

Your exam board is ocr and you are studying the modern world history b course you will be sitting paper 1 (2hrs, cold war 1945-1975 and germany depth study 1918-1945) and paper 2 (15hrs, british depth study. 2 ho chi minh was the the leader of north vietnam the leader of south vietnam the head of the vietcong (hence the ho chi minh trail. Unlike medicine, the american west and surgery, vietnam is assessed as a controlled assessment you will be given the questions in advance and will be expected to bring a plan and notes to answer three timed essays in class, under exam conditions. Essay about history gcse vietnam coursework how useful are these sources for explaining why the usa became involved in the war in vietnam source a is by us president johnson, speaking in april 1965, one month after the start of operation rolling thunder.

Understanding accuracy, objectivity and completeness as criteria to analyse the three representations of history in part c of the edexcel gcse history controlled assessment. The vietnam war interactive excite and challenge pupils with this interactive power point presentation it can be used as a personalised independent learning module which enables pupils to cover gcse content on the vietnam war using the differentiated work booklet but can also be used as a revision resource or a teaching resource via a data projector or interactive whiteboard. Pearson edexcel gcse history controlled assessment teacher support booklet updated for 2013 history a: the making of the modern world gcse history version 2013 controlled assessment teacher support book 2 the part a question will focus on one of the first two bullet points and will change. Cie as history 9389 – exam advice for paper 2 part (a) questions exam skills , a level and ib history revision this podcast has been created specifically for students studying the cie as history course (syllabus code 9389.

All linked to the gcse history course for vietnam all lessons come with differentiated outcomes, example answers & mark schemes, most videos and songs are embedded into the p p presentations with a wide ranging selection of activities and resources which will appeal to pupils of all abilities. The vietnam war - part 2 - the tactics of the viet cong - gcse history in this video, we look at the viet cong and the tactics that they used in the vietnam. Vietnam 1954-1975 revision notes these are just some brief revisio notes which cover vietnam 1954-1975) they cover everything you need to know if studying this topic for ocr modern world history paper 1. Gcse history revision unit 3c a divided union the usa 1945-70 contents about the exam key information about the exam and types of questions you will be required to answer. Best answer: i had this same question a while ago for my coursework to begin with we were asked to discuss the long term and short term issues, eg there are long term and short term issues as to why the usa got increasingly more involvedetc then go into a little bit of detail for a couple of each issues.

Gcse history revision (focussed revision for year 10 and year 11) how has the choosing a good thesis topic nature dissertation on telecom sector of warfare changed over vietnam coursework gcse the centuries vietnam coursework gcse what was the foreign policy of elizabethan. 'a' questions 1 what was the domino theory 2 describe the us tactics in vietnam 3 who were the vietcong 4 describe the role of the vietcong 5 what was the ho chi minh trail 6 describe the my lai incident 7 what was the tet offensive 8 describe the policy of vietnamisation 'b' questions. Edexcel - gcse (history b) - controlled assessment - posted in teaching history: right my mind is now well and truly fuddled by the controlled assessment i have rung/emailed edexcel and as of yet i don't have a direct answer so my simple question islooking at the different options available are some of the units a lot bigger/potentially more difficult than othersto put my question in. The cold war is an extremely exciting period of history, with two superpowers in a standoff our cold war series not only brings alive the real tension of this period but will also cover everything you need to know for your coursework, essays and gcse.

Vietnam gcse history coursework question 2

History gcse coursework hi, i have an edexcel history controlled assessment coming up which is the part a write up the question that i think i will answer is how did the ku klux klan affect society in 1920's america. Part 2 of ocr gcse history paper 1 cold war/usa from june 2011. You're the one that took the class, not us i did gcse history and i didn't really do vietnam i did more about the cuban missile crisis, and international relations, and politics in eastern europe.

  • History bgcse :2014/2015 coursework assignments topic: the ‘quiet revolution’ in the bahamas study all the sources before answering the questions.
  • – facebook bgcse history coursework 2016 topic: migration to the bahamas questions: question 1 a) study source a x27what different countries did migrants to the getting ready for a level history coursework – mike goddard history subject information for gcse history, getting ready for a level history coursework primary sources can be.
  • Learning gcse history: crime, war and medicine (fun gcse history revision quizzes to teach students in year 10 and year 11) history is one of the most fascinating subjects you can study at gcse.

Vietnam war coursework 1 edexcel sutton rhnough qualdxanons vietnam co ursework assignments 2 gcse history coursework assignments teacher information introduction: these assignments comprise sources, questions and mark schemes which will enable your pupils to fulfil the coursework requirements in history for edexcel foundation specifications for fir. Edexcel history coursework part b example gcse - discover our range of secondary sport & pe books, online dynamic learning and magazine resources welcome to all gcse history students sorry, nothing here for liberal reforms (try these bbc bitesize notes) or vietnam (good notes here) edexcel (known. Bbc bitesize gcse history url bbc history magazine url in year 13 you will be studying china from 1945 to 1990 as your coursework unit you will have to submit 2 essays across the year, each being between 3,000-4,000 words long coursework questions for china 2018 file china coursework pp guidance file. 11 why choose aqa for gcse history 5 12 support and resources to help you teach 5 2 specification at a glance 7 course gcse history students must take assessments in both of the following papers in the same series: • 50% of gcse questions • section a – six compulsory questions (40 marks) • section b – four compulsory.

vietnam gcse history coursework question 2 Course summary – aqa gcse history course:  weimar germany hitlers germany vietnam revision & assessment  responses to key events and questions raised by the sources using reasons and evidence, evaluate alternative points of view about these issues and questions. vietnam gcse history coursework question 2 Course summary – aqa gcse history course:  weimar germany hitlers germany vietnam revision & assessment  responses to key events and questions raised by the sources using reasons and evidence, evaluate alternative points of view about these issues and questions.
Vietnam gcse history coursework question 2
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